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Nurturing retreats.

Space for reflection & connection. 

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Grief is hard work. It can be emotionally, mentally, and physically exhausting. Despite grief being a natural process, it can feel painful, overwhelming, weird, and confusing, and it can leave us wondering whether it's all 'normal'. 


Too often, people can feel rushed through their grief by well-meaning loved ones, employers, strangers, and society in general, often because people don't understand it, or it may feel too difficult to acknowledge or talk about. We can judge ourselves and others with thoughts like, "I should be over this by now". 

Sometimes we want to retreat from the expectations of how we should be, and just be 'in it'. Be in our grief. To feel it and acknowledge it. To get to know the beast that is grief. We want to be nurtured, supported, our loss and grief acknowledged, and to be with others who 'get it'. This is why I created Grief Retreats.


It's ok to talk about grief, loss, and death at a Grief Retreat. It's a place safe from judgement. You don't need to wear your brave face. You are free from the worry of burdening your loved ones. You can share your grief, and share stories and memories of your special person. You are welcome if your loved one died many years ago, and you are welcome if you are recently bereaved too. There is no time limit on grief. 

My Grief Retreats offer time and space in a beautiful place to be. A chance to immerse yourself in the nurturing embrace of nature at a uniquely creative, compassionate, and carefully crafted retreat.


Guided by my experience and training working with loss, grief, creativity, and people, and through an evidence-based and gentle itinerary, my Grief Retreats offer a space to feel supported, nurtured, and understood.  

Retreats in 2024

‘Sitting with the Beast’ Grief Retreat

Saturday 18th May, 10:00am to 6:00pm, £125

Saturday 10th August, 10:00am to 6:00pm, £125

Join us for a day of exploration and reflection as we sit with the beast that is grief and find comfort in the embrace of nature, connection, and creativity. 

Nestled in the heart of a tranquil woodland, this retreat offers a sanctuary for those navigating the depths of grief. A unique indoor & outdoor retreat utilising a cosy off-grid study barn & the beautiful surrounding woodland.

What to Expect


Arrival and Welcome  

  • Gather at the gate, before stepping into the nurturing embrace of the woods. I will send directions, a map, & photographs of the location. 

  • Enjoy a warm and friendly welcome and comforting refreshments – you may have had a long journey to get here, in more ways than one. 


Session One

  • Together, we will set intentions for the day, fostering an atmosphere of trust and comfort, ensuring everyone feels safe and supported. 

  • Immerse yourself in a story of beasts and woods – a tale especially crafted for this retreat, using beasts as a metaphor to explore grief.  


Session Two 

  • Let nature be your guide as we stroll through the woods, tuning into nature’s rhythms and gently delving into embodied awareness.

  • Connect with your senses and your experience with the help of guided creative writing and scribbling and share insights with others. 


Session Three 

  • Embrace the support, space, and supplies available to create your unique beast, using arts and crafts materials, foraged treasures from the woods, words, movement, sounds, or music. 

  • Connect more deeply with your experience through reflective solitude and shared group wisdom. 


Session Four 

  • Craft a collective Hydra (a beast with multiple heads), honouring the universality of grief and the diversity and uniqueness of individual experiences.

  • Engage in a compassionate and considered ending together, marking your journey with a closing ritual.


Closing and Goodbye

  • Bid goodbye to the woods and the people you have shared them with, carrying tokens of remembrance as you depart. 

Fish Pond Wood


North Yorkshire

0.5 miles from Pateley Bridge

15 miles from Harrogate

Nearest Train Station: Harrogate


To book your place,

please contact me directly.

Spaces are limited for your comfort, so please book early. 

Payment is via a secure online payment link (via Zettle), alternatively I can arrange an invoice for payment via BACS. 

Please see Terms & Conditions for cancellation policy. 

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I understand that grief can be tough, so your comfort is priority. The day is carefully crafted to include plenty of breaks to enjoy moments of tranquillity, top up with tea and cake, and nurture connections with others. There are also opportunities to reflect and recharge - to sink into reflective solitude, knowing connection is close by.   


Refreshments & Lunch

Whilst we nourish our souls, it’s important to nourish our tummies too! An array of teas (including Yorkshire tea!) and refreshing cordials will be available. There will also be delicious locally made cakes and treats. You may prefer to bring your own picnic lunch from home, or I can arrange for sandwiches and salads to be delivered to the retreat from a local sandwich shop (prices vary). Please let me know upon booking if you have any allergies or dietary preferences. 

Accessibility & Inclusion 

Access to the study barn and around some of the paths within the wood is possible for wheelchairs and mobility scooters but surfaces and slopes can be tricky. Please let me know if you have mobility difficulties so we can discuss your needs and I can arrange alternative parking. 

It is important that the retreat is a neuro-inclusive and includes everybody, whether you’re neurodivergent or neurotypical. Please feel free to bring anything with you that will make you feel comfortable, such as earplugs, a cushion, your own mug or food, or fidget toys. We will have regular breaks, but please feel free to move around anytime you wish. The woods can be a deeply sensory place, however it is generally quiet and the study barn is a safe haven to return to throughout the retreat. I will try to be clear in my verbal and written communication, but I hope you will feel able to tell me if something isn't clear enough. 


Fish Pond Wood, our charming and serene venue for the retreat, is half a mile from Pateley Bridge in the heart of Nidderdale, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. If you would like to stay a little longer, there is a wide variety of accommodation available nearby,. Enjoy the Dales' rural charms, breathtaking scenery, Yorkshire hospitality - and look after you. For more information on places to stay and things to do locally, please see:

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