Creative therapy for times of loss and change

During times of loss and change, I offer a safe and confidential therapeutic space and dedicated time for you to explore your experience. 


I will listen, and use a range of creative interventions to help you explore your experience and tell your stories. I can help you express yourself in ways that might be easier than directly talking about it - sometimes we just can't find the words. Through the use of stories, objects, play and imagination a safe distance can be created for you to explore and reflect on difficult and painful life experiences and feelings in a symbolic and indirect way, if that is helpful. But of course, there is sometimes plenty of talking too! My approach is 

compassionate, non-judgemental and person-centred. 

Please get in touch to arrange a free 30-minute telephone consultation.


This conversation is an opportunity for you to let me know how things are for you right now and why you're looking for support. During our conversation I will ask you some questions to help me find out more about how you're feeling. It's also an opportunity for you to ask questions. Having a chat helps us to determine whether we would like to work together, or if I might signpost you to another therapist or service. Sometimes therapists and clients aren't the right fit for each other - and that's ok! 

If we both decide we'd like to move forward with therapy together, I will then send you a therapy contract and guidelines to help you access the sessions. We can then agree on an appointment time and get started. 


Initial Telephone Consultation


Free of charge


One Hour

From £55
(Reduced Rates for Student Therapists) 


Two Hours

From £50
(Reduced Rates for Student Therapists)