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Mental Health MOTs.

One-off & Short-Term Wellbeing Support. 


From time to time, many of us find ourselves in situations where we could benefit from a one-off session to talk things through with a trusted mental health professional. Life can be hard sometimes! You might not want to share how you are feeling with friends or family. Often people aren't sure where to turn for support. 

My Mental Health MOTs are designed for those times you need to talk things through and get short-term support to unload your worries and find some clarity, without committing to longer-term therapy,


Sessions are designed for you to have time to share your worries, vent your frustrations, and dump your concerns. They are an opportunity for you to let it all out and then explore self-care and wellbeing practices that might be helpful. I’ll also guide you to trusted support and information.

After a Mental Health MOT session, clients often feel clearer, lighter, and more supported. It’s time to take care of you and prioritise your wellbeing! 

What to Expect at your Mental Health MOT


Express Yourself  

This is your time to share your worries, vent your frustrations, and dump your concerns with an experienced mental health professional. Share your mind without fear of judgement or burden. Get it all off your chest and gain some clarity and understanding.


Make a Plan  

Together, we will explore wellbeing strategies and personalised self-care practices that might be helpful. We will create a plan to support your wellbeing.

Trusted Support   

I will signpost you to resources, information, and additional support to help you navigate your challenges.

One-session wellbeing check-ins to help you feel clearer, lighter and supported! 

Mental Health MOTs 

Online - available UK-wide

By appointment only 

45-minute sessions

No waiting lists

Get support when you need

Appointments available within

3 days of enquiry​


Get in Touch

If you are looking for support, get in touch today to book your Mental Health MOT! 

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