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Self-care solutions and support for your busy life - because you can't pour from an empty cup!

Self-care is anything we do deliberately to take care of ourselves. It's impossible to care for others if we're not taking care of ourselves first. 


Often people tell me they don’t have time for self-care; there's no point, they can't afford it, they have too many responsibilities, or they just don't know what to do, which is why I created The Self-Care Series!

Self-care doesn’t have to be expensive spa days and bubble baths with posh bath salts – it can be small and intentional acts of kindness you give to yourself.

The Self-Care Series has been carefully crafted, bringing together all my experience in developing and facilitating wellbeing programmes - all designed so you can find what works for you! 


  • Take some dedicated me-time!

  • Discover what self-care really is!

  • Explore easy and affordable self-care practices!

  • Meet like-minded people in an informal and relaxed setting!

  • Down-to-earth and fun! 


All my courses and workshops always include an element of self-care. Learners often say they wish they could stay in touch with each other and keep sharing self-care stuff after the course. They say that hearing what other people do for self-care inspires and motivates them to give new ideas a try! Often people say they find it hard to self-care consistently, and that it totally goes out of the window during the tough times - exactly when we could do with it the most!


And so, the Self-Care Club online community was born!


Everyone who attends training or workshops with me, or anyone who is interested in self-care, can join our private online group. The group is a 'secret' Facebook group - you have to be invited to join and be mindful of the group agreement, which is essentially to be kind. 


It's a place to share self-care ideas, motivate each other to keep self-caring. It's a place to post inspiration and to be inspired! I post bits and bobs too, including self-care prompts and suggestions, and it's the first place I post news about workshops, resources, and blogs!


Come and join us!

The Self-Care Series in 2024
Self Care 1.png

What: An Introduction to Self-Care & Wellbeing

When: Contact me for 2024 dates! 

Where: Online

Cost: £15 

This introductory session is an opportunity to dip your toe into self-care – and begin to find what works for you - so you can self-care every day. Join me for a relaxed mini-retreat and take some time especially for you. You deserve it! During our time together, I will guide and support you wholeheartedly through a range of mini self-care practices. 


This workshop includes:

  • An ‘Introduction to Self-Care’ talk - what is it, and what is it not?!

  • How to incorporate self-care into our busy lives

  • Learn and try out easy self-care strategies to improve your wellbeing

Self Care 2.png

What: The Love Languages and Self-Care

When: Contact me for 2024 dates! 

Where: Online

Cost: £15 

This session focuses on the five 'Love Languages' and how we can apply them to our self-care practice. Discovering how we prefer to express and receive love from others is invaluable. Not only can it help us in our relationships, but it can help us in our relationship with ourselves too. Find out how you can love and care for yourself more!  


This workshop includes:

  • An 'Introduction to Love Languages' talk - how do you express love?  

  • How to incorporate your love language into your self-care practice - love you better!

  • Learn and try out easy self-care strategies to improve your wellbeing

Self Care 3.png

What: Journaling for Self-Care

When: Contact me for 2024 dates! 

Where: Online

Cost: £15 

Writing or drawing our thoughts and feelings can be a wonderful way to express ourselves, feel lighter, and to understand ourselves and our relationships more clearly. There are loads of ways to journal - no right or wrong way! This workshop provides an opportunity to try out different strategies and see how it feels for you!

This workshop includes:

  • A 'What is Journaling?' talk  

  • How to incorporate journaling into your self-care practice

  • Learn and try out easy journaling strategies to improve your wellbeing

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